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Local 3-Way Video Conferencing --- A Major Breakthrough of Yealink VP530

Local 3-Way Video Conferencing --- A Major Breakthrough of Yealink VP530
 Apr. 16th, 2012, Yealink announced that the brand new Yealink Video Phone VP530 is coming soon.
1.Yealink is the initiate of Local 3-Way Video Conferencing in the industry.
2.The immersive Local 3-Way Video Conferencing ensures efficient collaboration.
3.Environmental friendly with lower consumption and superexcellent energy saving.

As a leading provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solution, Yealink recently announced that the Yealink Video Phone VP530 will soon come to the market.

VP530 is unified with audio, video and lots of applications. With its excellent user experience and rich business features, VP530 creates an immersive, face-to-face experience over the internet, empowering users collaborate with each other effectively. Featuring a 7” color high resolution touch screen, VP530 offers a graphical business grade user interfaces, touchable Dsskeys/softkeys and virtual keypad. Intergating wideband software and hardware, VP530 delivers life-like communication with HD voice, full-duplex speaker and handset in considerably fast response of the icons and interfaces switching.

Initiate in the industry, VP530 offers 3-way video conferencing, through which users can demonstrate and deliver the most what they want other sides to get. Distance is no longer a barrier. Through Yealink 3-way conferencing, enterprise can hold a video meeting among branches and staffs can communicate with peers, vendors, and customers on the other side of the world just at the touch of a little button,and all the three parties can see them all in the screen, which the products of other brands do not support. It ensures faster decision making and accelerate time to market with more frequent collaboration are to be made by improving engagement and alignment through regular visual communications.

Inherited with the strict standard of “the choicest product project”, VP530 is of high quality yet easy to deploy and manage, its enterprise-grade, web-based, intuitive configuration method gives administrators the ability to easily provision and maintain a large number of phones throughout the entire enterprise, which upholds Yealink’s core idea—Easy VoIP. The video conferencing can be operating within 3-touch.

According to the price information of various kinds of video conferencing systems in the market, for enterprises demand of remote collaboration or have many branches, a video phone is much more suitable, let alone those with superexcellent performance.

In fine, the benefits of VP530 are palpable. It may not only cut the expense of travelling but better the collaboration outcome by create an immersive scene that ensures time-efficiency HD video conferencing, increasing workplace flexibility and productivity. Moreover, it is environmental friendly and helps saving massive amount of energy. According to available statistics, if a customer frequently travel to attend conferences, say 20,000 miles a year in average, the exhaust emissions would be over 4,000 KGs !
“The user interface of Yealink VP530 is awesome,” said Jim, a Marketing Director of a Fortune500 company who visited our booth at CeBIT 2012, “it is very easy to manage and the image subtle is refined, by using such a product will definitely improve our productivity and save a lot of time and money we formerly spend on business travels. And the demonstration of the deployment only takes them approximately 15 minutes, I am really impressed.”

About Yealink

Founded in 2001, Yealink is a leading provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solution. Yealink focuses on VoIP products characterized by high cost-performance, easy deployment and affordable price. Based on solid core technology, Yealink benefits customers from flexibility and broad interoperability with the major IP-PBX, softswitch and IMS in the market. Chosen by famous carriers, enterprises and clients from over 80 countries, Yealink provides SMB and diversified customers from all over the world a best choice to extend their value of network communication. More information, please visit: http://www.yealink.com.
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