Friday, June 22, 2012

4 ways VOIP can help your Business Boost Productivity- Working from Home!

There is no doubt that the rising costs of gas is becoming increasingly stressful on employees who have to commute to work daily. 
Allowing employees to work from home at least 1 or 2 days out of each week could not only boost productivity but also create optimum work/life balance for the valued employee. Employees staying away from work for (infectious) sick days, child care, "mental health" days and other emergencies may now have an option that allows them to continue work and lessen the break in productivity for the employer. Working from home may also save the business money on office space and other facilities, reduce pay outs for communting time and locate the sales staff nearer to clients rather than at the "main" office or other "brick and mortar" locations.
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is an excellent technology to facilitate working from home and is an option that every business should consider. It is relatively easy to do and SEMNAC technologies can help. If your office system is VOIP enabled you can easily deploy an extension to a work from home employee or any other local location if you have a reliable ADSL Internet connection. This process is made easier if the in house office system is cloud based.

SEMNAC's Account Executive, Andrew Elliston discusses some of the benefits and a limitation of utilizing VOIP for Working from Home.

  • For an employee who has to commute long hours to work, traveling cost is entirely eliminated.
  • VOIP provides a geographic presence that allow companies to have staff /agents in different time zones 
  • It also allows for 24 hour presence without the cost of having to factor over time with regular staff.
  • VOIP also allow companies that need to market directly in foreign countries to acquiring phone numbers within these countries .
  • Andrew explained that the only known limitation he knows of about VOIP and working from home is that if the remote location does not have any or adequate internet connection then it may not work as VOIP needs this medium for delivery.
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