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SEMNAC's P.O.V- Embracing VOIP Technology

SEMNAC Technologies is the brainchild of a group of friends who have been working in the telecommunications industry since 1989. They saw the need for the provision of economical and comprehensive communication services for businesses of all sizes in North America and the Caribbean region. With over twenty (20) years in the industry for each founding partner, our clients can rest assured that the foundation of SEMNAC Technologies is established on professional competence, decades of experience in customer service, technical and engineering skills and a progressive and modern knowledge base in technology and communications.

Our Mission
It is our mission at SEMNAC Technologies to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and most innovative business solutions at the most economical prices. We value creating business relationships based on integrity, respect, ethical and professional business practices and a personal and caring attitude.

The following is a synopsis of an interview that was conducted with the SEMNAC Technologies' COO. The interviewer is seeking to learn more about SEMNAC and how the company is leading in providing VOIP innovation.

SEMNAC is a relatively new company but the founding partners each have over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, which means that you all have a foundation in the older telecommunication systems like TDM etc. Tell me a little bit more about SEMNAC Technologies. Does embracing VOIP mean that you have abandoned the traditional system?

Oh no, definitely not! The beauty of SEMNAC is that we have the expertise to deal with the traditional and the new technology like VOIP, because we recognize that there are customers who still use  and like the older TDM technology. As a leader in providing telecommunications innovation to our customers we will inform our customers of the technology that is out there  and the advantages and downside to acquiring this "new" technology. Ultimately, the decision lies with the customer to choose what they want, but at least we help in making their choice the most informed choice that they will make. Our customers know that SEMNAC Technologies will be there with them if they should venture into new technology. Additionally, we have customers who have a hybrid and integrate TDM with VOIP, essentially we will do our best to accommodate and customize our service to fit the needs of our customer.

Tell me a little bit about the SEMNAC "edge", what do you offer over your competitors?

Well in addition to decades of working in customer service we have engineers who have been working in telecommunications and information technology for over 20 years. Such a span of experience means that we have seen technology come and go and we have had to change with the dynamic flow that encapsulates us. Ongoing training for ALL our technicians is a must as we are always looking to be "experts" in the next best thing. This means that for our customers we provide a comprehensive approach to their communications, security and networking needs. If you visit our website at you will see where we offer equipment sales, installation, maintenance and professional services. We sell service and repair industry leader's brands and our customer support system is accessible and professional.

So if I were a customer who is thinking about making a change in my communication system but I do not want a sales commitment, essentially I am shopping around, what do I do?

There are many ways to reach us for a FREE consultation at your place of business. If you are in the South Florida tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties you may:

We will have a brief chat to find out what your needs are and then schedule to have a technician visit with you for FREE. It's that simple!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

VOIP and YOUR BUSINESS: Why it may be good for you!

I recently sat down for a chat with the COO of SEMNAC Technologies in Fort Lauderdale, FL to learn more about VOIP. Here is a synopsis of our conversation.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is a way of using the data network witin your business or home to allow the traversing of voice packets. This means that you are actually using the network that you have for video and web surfing to actually allow audio such as a telephone over it.

Unlike the tradition or "old school" PSTN (Public Switch Telephony Network) that used copper lines to send information to each telephone number, VOIP utilizes some of the old copper technology along with fiber optics  that speeds up the communication to provide data. So essentially we are using Voice over your already existing IP, whether that IP is at your home or business.

What are the advantages of using VOIP?
  1. Economical - Cost is the first thing that comes to mind when we are looking at the advantages of using VOIP. On a monthly basis I would estimate that VOIP could save you 50-75% of what you are now paying on the traditional system. SEMNAC technologies has a package where for just $29.99 per month you have unlimited national calls and depending on the system you want, you may be able to get your phone FREE. Now that is a pretty good deal.
  2. Space Saving- VOIP uses a lot less equipment than the traditional TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) system. It basically requires just a server, so it takes up about 80% less space than some of the monstrous systems that I have installed in large businesses over the years.
  3. Saves Time- As I think of this advantage I consider my own home and how important it is to have things up and running in no time. My wife hates to have work people all over the house doing things, she complains that it interrupts her flow and as such I may not benefit from home cooked meals for as long as the work people are in our home. That is a bomber. Like my home, when a business has it's phone system disrupted and engineers in and out for days, weeks and even months it is not only frustrating, but it affects productivity and that means a loss of money. In addition, the client who is already at a disadvantage may be paying additional labor costs for the extra hours. From my 20+ years background in PBX, sometimes it could take up to a month to install some of the monstrous systems that I have done in the past. With VOIP it could take up to six hours to be fully installed, up and running. Now that is a big deal for any business.
Is there a downside to VOIP technology?

The only disadvantage I see with it and have heard reports of is that VOIP depends on the reliability of your IP network. So if your IP network is not reliable then you may have dropped packets or a slow connection. It also depends on power, so if the power goes your IP network is going to go which is not the case of the traditional system.

What I have found that many businesses do is to have a hybrid system where they integrate both VOIP and POTS (Plain Old Telephony Service) line as a backup just in case of events like a power glitch and so on.

Finally, how secure is VOIP compared to the traditional system?

As a matter of fact I think VOIP is more secure because the levels of encryption has increased. Gone are the days when someone could walk up to your place and tap into your telephone line and record your conversation. VOIP is really data stream and we have put in place encryption and firewall to protect people's data...

Follow-up Question: and since there is a internet connection with VOIP, should people worry about their product being affected by computer viruses?

That is not a problem as most VOIP systems are on a Linux background that is essentially virus free.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I know this information will be invaluable to many people.

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